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  • my333 - $250; black and bright red with black pattern leather handbagmy333 - $250
  • my352 - $250: bright blue details on dark blue leather handbag. my352 - $250
  • my359 - $290. my359 - $290
  • my395 - $280. my395 - $280
  • my401 - $195. my401 - $195
  • my402 - $220. my402 - $220

About Us

John Doe

Yenory Cordero

Marroquinerías Yenory (My) was established more than 10 years ago with a few of the most skilled artisans and my passion and dream to transform leather into wearable art.

As a woman I sensed the need for fine, exclusive and high quality handbags in a market that was short of providing all of these characteristics to the more sophisticated tastes.

One of a Kind
Jane Helf

Our Team

All the way from cutting to the final assembly, our techniques are driven to produce quality in every single detail. Packed in its own individual box, every handbag carries our commitment to deliver awe and satisfaction to every single one of our customers.

Our team takes special care in ensuring that all of our leather and materials meet the standards needed to transform every individual item into a unique piece of art.

Joshua Insanus


Yenory, usted inspira a mujeres de todas las edades - Eileen Thompson - Terrel, TX

Hermosos, bolsos bien hechos! - Andrea Milwauru - WI, USA

Absolutamente fantásticos! Calidad en todo, hermosos bolsos - Linda & Andy Trehanis - Englewood, Fl


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